Melipona, the Mayan princess


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This series is for children from 6 years old. It takes back the standards of Walt Disney-type classic cartoons with asthetic and soft pictures but also a scena- rio without violence where the child can let go his imagination. As in children tales big topics, the relation with nature is omnipresent and sets an harmonious frame in which the child can evolve peacefully.

Melipona is the little princess of a Mayan kingdom. She grew up with a female jaguar as “milk-sister” and her best friend is a peasants’ son. She lives happy and carefree till the moment she discovers both the wickedness of men and the kindness of Nature, being the one chosen to communicate with the Mayans’ sacred bees, the messengers of the God of life.

This initiatory tale will delight children by the tenderness that emerges from the story as well as the beauty of images, which transport them to the heart of this fascinating civilisation.


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